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There are some scientific advantages to nitrogen inflation, whether you'll see those advantages greatly depends on the application.

There’s a lot of conflicting information when it comes to inflating your tires with nitrogen, ranging from nitrogen being some incredible new discovery (it’s not) all the way to the benefits of nitrogen being a complete lie (it’s not).

Nitrogen molecules are bigger than air molecules so nitrogen will leak out at a slower rate than air over time. Though the variance isn’t huge so you’ll still need to check your inflation levels at the recommended intervals, and if you do end up being low, good, old-fashioned air is a lot easier to find.

The biggest benefit to nitrogen inflation is typically found in high performance and commercial applications, like a race car, heavy equipment, and airplane tires. In fact, in a high-performance environment where tires heat up fast, the cooler running temperature of nitrogen, mixed with it’s more predictable expansion from heat, and resistance to moisture might be just the ticket.

Nitrogen’s resistance to moisture also makes it a good option for classic cars or for vehicles that are rarely driven, since it offers some protection against weather cracking and corrosion.

If you still have questions, call us. We can talk you through it and even complete the inflation if nitrogen ends up being right for you.